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The inch effect
2023-07-10 10:39  

This is because people are always willing to decorate themselves with the impression of consistency, such as once he shows the words and deeds to help others, even if the requirements of others are excessive, in order to maintain the consistency of the impression, of course, the requirements should be put forward appropriately, also called the threshold effect。

In the process of education, we can also timely and appropriately use the "inch effect", put forward lower requirements for students first, and when they do according to the requirements, they will be affirmed, praised and even rewarded, and then gradually raise the requirements, so that everyone is willing to endless positive efforts。

For example, the transformation of some children who are addicted to playing video games online can also use the "inch effect" to take a gradual approach and gradually put forward requirements。For example, it is allowed to play for 1 hour on the first day, reduce to 50 minutes on the second day, and then decrease in turn, gradually desensitizing, so as to get rid of bad habits。In short, in the work, put forward the requirements of "small steps, step by step" to students, often can receive great results。


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