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Notice and announcement
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The theme lecture "Realizing Role Transformation and Opening a New Chapter in your Career" is about to begin!
2023-06-27 11:32  

In the modern society, due to the intensification of competition and the fast pace of life, people are under more and more psychological pressure。Especially the current college students, shoulder their own and family expectations, but also bear a heavy pressure。For college students, who represent the future and hope of the motherland, mental health is extremely important。

And now about to enter the society to complete the transformation of student identity of the graduation season students, they will face greater pressure。Specially launched this lecture as the main form of the activity, to help graduates out of the psychological misunderstanding, go to the distance together!

Activity content

1.Activity purpose

  In order to help graduates relieve the psychological pressure of graduation employment, understand themselves correctly, and meet the challenges brought by graduation employment with a positive mental outlook, the teachers of the counseling center conducted a career adaptability lecture for graduates。

     2. Lecture time

  June 25, 2023, 18:30

    3. Lecture mode

    Tencent conference number: 447-376-0268

    4. Active object

  All graduates

    5.Keynote speaker

  Lina Chow (Teacher at Counseling Center)

  Master's degree in Psychology, Northeast Normal University, national second-level psychological consultant, Senior tutor of family education, intermediate vocational tutor, Entrepreneurship Tutor of colleges and universities in Jilin Province, International Entrepreneurship Coach (intermediate), Entrepreneurship tutor of Northeast Dianli University。

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Northeast Dianli University mental health education and counseling service center 


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