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The Answer to Time
2023-08-14 12:44  

Chen Yiyang, the protagonist of the novel, has been solitary and self-abased since childhood, and a life experience has alienated him from the world。After entering the university, although he came into contact with all kinds of people and met true friends, he could not forget the past, and fate let him keep losing, it felt like a heavy rain in the sea of life。He does not have the blood of Jiang Rui, nor is he confident and determined like Xia Cheng, such a person, how can he reconcile with memories and the world?Through the complex and sensitive heart of the protagonist, perhaps each of us can see their own shadow。May loneliness never change, no matter what it looks like。Fortunately, someone finally let Chen Yiyang believe that even so, life will not despair。

This book is very warm,The author's writing is very soft,Particularly kind,Have affinity,While reading this book,It's like talking to an old friend,Like listening to a soothing piece of music,He can calm me down,Think calmly and speak to your inner self,Make peace with your imperfect self,Sometimes reading is a story,Sometimes I read the collision between myself and the author,Go on a fantastic date,There's always a moment,There's always that phrase,It makes you feel the same way,Find the world worth living,It is worth studying.,May we all keep loving,Have their own spring flowers。

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