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Cocast Student Mental health protection network | The school held special training on psychological survey interview work
2022-10-23 00:48  

To do a good job of students' mental health education scientifically and effectively,Timely screening and intervention of students' psychological problems,Maintain students' mental health,According to the requirements of the provincial Department of Education, the school conducted a comprehensive psychological test on the 19, 20, 21 junior college students and master's and doctoral students in our school in October,And on October 22,The training of psychological survey interview was carried out for part-time psychological teachers in our school,The training was delivered by Wen Zhu, Director of the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center。

In the training, Teacher Wen first made a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the scores of various factors of the psychological survey scale, the procedures and contents of the psychological survey interview, and then explained the entry points and precautions in the interview process, and analyzed and communicated the cases encountered in the actual interview work。In order to make everyone understand and master the conversation skills intuitively and quickly, Teacher Wen organized everyone to conduct the interview situation simulation on the spot, and instructed everyone how to use psychological skills such as empathy, respect, sincerity, and positive attention to establish a good relationship with students。Finally, Teacher Wen also organized active and full discussions on the training content and difficulties in the on-site simulation to ensure that the teachers completed the psychological survey and interview work scientifically, professionally and smoothly。

Psychological survey interview is an important part of students' mental health survey, which is of great significance to comprehensively understand college students' mental health status, carry out targeted mental health education, and reduce the occurrence of campus psychological crisis。This training has enabled teachers to strengthen their understanding of mental health education, master structured and professional psychological survey interview methods, improve interview skills, and provide a strong guarantee for the quality and efficiency of psychological survey interview work in our school。

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